Cloverdale Schools Music Campaign

We have a wonderful opportunity to promote the arts and education in Cloverdale.  As you may be aware our schools have been without a music program for a number of years.  The Cloverdale Arts Alliance is honored to join in a collaborative effort with the Cloverdale Unified School District to rectify this sad state of affairs.  CAA has committed to providing the instruments needed to bring music back to K-12 through both purchase and an active donation program.  This is being done in coordination with CUSD’s commitment to hire a music instructor.  

We all know that music feeds the heart, soul, and mind.  But did you know that playing a musical instrument has a profound impact on children’s capacity for learning?

Current research has made it clear that some of the benefits of learning to play an instrument include:

  • Early musical training develops the areas of the brain related to language and reasoning
  • Students constantly develop their memory capacity through performance
  • Music builds imagination and intellectual curiosity
  • Students who study music are more engaged in the whole education and more likely to stay in school
  • Music develops both spatial intelligence and  creative thinking
  • Students who have experience  with music performance of appreciation score higher on the SAT

We are reaching out to our community to help us bring music education back to all Cloverdale students.  Here is how you can help:

  • We are looking for used flutes, clarinets, trumpets and trombones that are still in playing shape, or at least not in need of too much restoration
  • We’re also looking for Electric guitars, keyboards and amps, Digital Audio Workstation , Sound Banks, MIDI Keyboard Controller, Studio Monitors and microphones
  • A single $250 donation will provide all the instruments for a rhythm band for K-2.  This would be a wonderful collaborative gift from your book club, hiking group, wine tasting group, bocce team, etc.
  • Third graders will receive their own recorders to keep.  At $3.00 each, a $60 dollar gift will supply a whole classroom for a year
  • The goal is to provide 100 instruments for students in grades 4-12, 25 each of flutes, clarinets, trumpets and trombones at $300 each.  Any donation towards the purchase of these instruments will benefit our students for many years.

CAA’s mission is to bring the arts in all their forms to northern Sonoma.  Bringing  music back to our schools is one of the best ways we can fulfill this mission and we have committed $1,000 as an organization to launch this fundraising effort.  We hope you will join us.  You can send a check to CAA at 204 N. Cloverdale Blvd, Cloverdale, CA 95425 or click here to donate.  For instrument donations please contact 

This project supported by the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

This project supported by the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

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