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Serenade Exhibition Opening

The Cloverdale Arts Alliance is pleased to announce “Serenade”, the upcoming new exhibition. The installation will run from July 17 – September 17, with an Artists’ Reception from 5:00-8:00pm on Saturday, July 18. The featured resident artist for “Serenade” is Drew Jackson. Guests Artists for “Serenade” are Diana Majumdar and Rive Nestor. Other resident artists included in this exhibition are Laura Paine Carr, Pamela Heck, Terry Holleman, Sharon Kozel, Paul Maurer, and Hanya Popova Parker 

Artist Statement for Drew Jackson:
A few years ago Drew felt the need to become more physically connected to his work, which led to exploring new ways to produce finished work. Drew is now immersed in alternative printing techniques including water and polymer based ink transfers and salt printing. Some of these printing methods date back to the earliest days of photography. Some involve the newest polymer technology available today. 

For this show Drew has decided to both sides of his artistic coin. One collection of images goes back to his roots of showing fine detail and tonal value, while the other collection shows the impact of his exploration into other mediums and the effect it has had on his photography. Both collections are printed on high gloss aluminum to maximize the depth and detail and are printed large enough to fit the space. There is harmony within the collection, but there is also a clear separation between the two.

Artist Statement for Diana Majumdar:
Since a very early age Diana was exposed to art in many forms and shapes. Growing up in Estonia in the last days of the Soviet Union, she was first introduced to art through my father. She loved watching her father draw, when he taught her basics of watercolor, and when he took her to museums in Estonia, Russia, and Armenia.

So when the choice for a field of studies presented itself, the choice was easy. Diana is currently on her way to graduating from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. The academy offers the opportunity to explore subject matter different from traditional landscape paintings and still-life to portraiture. Experimenting with different media was a major part of her experience at the Academy. The wide exposure to art she had as a child has continued in many varied classes such as clay sculpture, charcoal in figure drawing, acrylics in mixed media work, and of course her favorite classes in oil and watercolor painting. Diana’s work reflects this variety of exposure.

Artist Statement for Rive Nestor:
When Rive approaches clay or mixed media, she have no preconceived idea of what will be made.  It is a miraculous process to watch the emergence of a face infused with emotion that might appear then vanish for the sake of the piece as a whole. Or to witness the angle of a horse’s neck or the gesture of eyes that speaks volumes about the essence of the piece. Rive has been trained in anatomy and composition and uses this knowledge in working the clay and mixed media but only as handmaidens to the intuitive process.

Stone is also an intuitive process, but unlike clay, its birth has its finished stages already in mind.  Initially the challenge is to visualize with her mind’s eye the living thing inside. From the first cut into that stone until the last polish, it is a lesson in trust; trust that I can keep focused on what is wanting to come forth, trust that every time that I take stone away, that it is the right amount or the correct placement. Because there is no going back once the decision is made. Some of her greatest challenges, lessons and feelings of accomplishment come from this most complex of mediums. Finally, there is a moment in the act of creating in any medium where she feels with absolute clarity that the veil is lifted and she is in the presence of more than herself.