Music Workshop

The Music Workshop will begin again on October 9, 2019

The highly successful series of free music workshops continues at the Cloverdale Arts Alliance Gallery (204 N. Cloverdale Boulevard). The workshop instructors David Garland and Tom McBride welcome all, from beginners to experienced musicians and music enthusiasts to join their 90 minute jam sessions. During the sessions participants will share their love of music in a comfortable/safe environment where making music and enjoying music with others is rewarding. The "watch, listen, learn" approach of David and Tom ensures everyone will take something away from each session.

Teens are especially welcomed as the workshops are a great place to learn from musicians who have been in the music scene for years. The musicians who attend the workshops are eager to pass on sounds and techniques from the past, to preserve the past. These techniques have been passed on for generations to be repeated or adapted to contemporary genres, country folk, jazz, blues and original music. The workshop leaders believe there is a unique musical spirit in all of us.

Workshops are held at the Cloverdale Arts Alliance Gallery (204 N. Cloverdale Boulevard) on the following dates starting in January and ending in June:

Acoustic Music Workshop

2nd Wednesday of the month, 7-9 PM

At each workshop there will be a songbook, a whiteboard, a PA and a couple mics to enhance the music experience of each workshop. Folks are encouraged to be creative, challenge themselves (maybe bring a different instrument or a song outside your 'comfort zone') and have a good experience playing music with others. So bring yourself, a couple songs/ideas, your singing voice, your friends, and something to play! Each free workshop is open to the public

For more information, contact David Garland at:, 707-894-2738 or at our website,

Workshop Leaders

David Garland Lead Instructor

Garland has been a Sonoma County musician for almost 30 years having played in numerous bands and groups from classical to country, to jazz, rock, punk, funk, and metal. He went through the Cloverdale school system, attending probably the last class to experience the full Cloverdale school music program under the leadership of Steven Connelly. He also went through the SRJC music program when it existed. Garland feels that music is something that can be shared and enjoyed by all people. It is Garland's personal hope that everyone who attends the workshops, regardless of musical skill or ability to play, will find something of value to take away from the workshops.

Tom McBride

Northern California native and long time Cloverdale Resident Tom is a lifelong musician and guitar player, with a 20 career at Hewlitt Packard/Agilent, as well as former director of the Boys and Girls club, past CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, and Toastmaster. In the 1990's Tom formed local band Shed Yer Blues playing venues, events, and parties well into the 2000... becoming major purveyor's of the SRV/Santana style. Tom's professionalism combined with his love for teaching and instruction help to propel the Music Workshops to the 'next level'.