The Gallery is a  gallery operated by local artists as a Cloverdale Arts Alliance program. A wide variety of original artwork is offered by the resident artists and invited guests. Approximately six changing exhibitions a year feature new art by the gallery artists. To see a virtual tour of the gallery, click here.

The Cloverdale Arts Alliance Gallery, located at 204 North Cloverdale Blvd., will continue to nourish the local art scene with its latest art exhibition, “Nurture” from September 15 to November 16. An Artists’ Reception will be held from 5:00 to 7:30pm on Saturday, September 15. Guest artists for this exhibit are sculptor Caro Pemberton and painter Aldo Longo. Resident artists include Laura Paine Carr, Pamela Heck, Terry Holleman, Paul Maurer and Hanya Popova Parker. Ceramicist Jane Gardner is the featured resident artist for “Nurture.”

For more information, visit or call (707) 894-4410

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Phone: (707) 894-4410

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Resident Artists 

Laura Paine Carr

Jane Gardner

Pamela Heck

Terry Holleman

Paul Maurer

Hanya Popova Parker

Featured Artist: Jane Gardner

Guest Artists

Aldo Longo, painter

Caro Pemberton, sculptor:


Artist Statements

Caro Pemberton, sculptor:

My sculpture derives from the human figure, whether explicitly representational or as abstract form. As I work on a sculpture, my challenge is to highlight the elegance of a simple figurative gesture while enhancing the natural beauty and power of the stone. 

With some pieces, I work from a drawing or maquette; with others, I carve directly from the shape of the stone as it was quarried. In either case, I approach the carving process as a negotiation with the stone. As the sculptor Constantin Brancusi advised, “We must not try to make materials speak our language, we must go with them to the point where others understand their language.” After carving the form, I file and sand the surface, completing the transformation as color and light emerge from rough rock.

When I initially began sculpting stone in the 1980s, I worked entirely with hand tools on softer stones (soapstone, alabaster, and limestone). Years later I began working with power tools, which significantly expanded the scope of my carving and made it possible to work in a larger scale with a wider variety of stone, including marble. Though primarily self-taught, I look to masters – contemporary and classical – to guide and inspire my work.

Aldo Longo, painter:

The common thread through all my works is an ongoing search for a way to express my emotional, Spiritual and philosophical ideals. Over the course of my life the works I have produced have changed in form but never in content. I use color to express my inner feelings, the forms gradually taking shape and changing as the work progresses and I burrow deeper into my inner spirit. There is no doubt that my work has been influenced by my Italian heritage, by decades of studying Japanese culture and disciplines and the years I spent backpacking in various wilderness areas. I believe all these influences are reflected in my work and have been commingled to produce a harmonious blend of emotion and energy.

Jane Gardner, ceramicist:
I am fascinated by the wildlife that finds its home in the mysterious depths of the sea. It strikes me as an exquisite enigma, an underwater wonderland.

Upon reading about the destruction of coral reefs all over the world, I was deeply disturbed by the knowledge that many of these stunning habitats are dying off, largely because of the heavy use of pesticides going into the water from runoff water systems. In turn, many fish and small creatures are dying off as a result. This incredibly fragile ecosystem needs our protection, and to this cause, I dedicate much of my art.

Corals serve as the basis for life for the creatures surrounding it. It’s where the fish lay their eggs and live until they are old enough to go out to sea. This environment is in great need of protection, and it is up to us to take action. In fact, it is the lack of knowledge and respect for the ocean’s delicacy that has led me to create these reef garden sculptures.

I wish to draw awareness to the mistreatment and need for restoration in these ecosystems. I also want to draw attention to the reefs’ growth and support of many different life forms, which in turn, supports the next level of the food chain (us!). This cycle of life starts all the way down at the tiniest little particle floating in the sea and makes its way up to the salmon you had for dinner yesterday.

Thus, I am exploring all the endless textures, colors, and forms that create coral reefs through my art, and hopefully, bringing the concept of ocean conservation to the minds of the next generation, one sculpture at a time. 

Upcoming Exhibitions

Title                                                                Dates/Reception                        Featured Artist                                

Render                                                           November 16, 2018                     Hanya Popova Parker


Past Exhibitions

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