New Art Exhibition Opens in Cloverdale July 20: “Niche”

The Cloverdale Arts Alliance Gallery, located at 204 North Cloverdale Blvd., offers its latest art exhibition, “Niche,” from July 20 – September 20. An Artists’ Reception will be held from 5:00 to 7:30pm on Saturday, July 20. Guest artists for this exhibit are RJP, Painting and Peter & Robin Crompton, Sculpting. Resident artists are Ralph Broussard, Laura Paine Carr, Jane Gardner, Pamela Heck, Terry Holleman, Paul Maurer and Hanya Popova Parker. Jane Gardner, Painting & Ceramics, is the featured resident artist for “Niche”.


The Gallery is a  gallery operated by local artists as a Cloverdale Arts Alliance program. A wide variety of original artwork is offered by the resident artists and invited guests. Approximately six changing exhibitions a year feature new art by the gallery artists. To see a virtual tour of the gallery, click here.

The Cloverdale Arts Alliance Gallery, located at 204 North Cloverdale Blvd. Hours of operation are: Fridays, 2:00PM - 8:00PM, Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00AM - 5:00PM.

For more information about CAA, visit or call (707) 894-4410

Contact Us:

204 N. Cloverdale Boulevard
Cloverdale, CA 95425 
Phone: (707) 894-4410

Friday-Sunday 11am - 5pm
Monday-Thursday Closed




Resident Artists 

Ralph Broussard

Laura Paine Carr

Jane Gardner

Pamela Heck

Terry Holleman

Paul Maurer

Hanya Popova Parker

Guest Artists

Peter & Robin Crampton



Featured Resident Artist: Jane Gardner

Artist Statements

RJP, painting:

"A fellow artist and friend asked me once if I thought my work was too niche. His reasoning for asking the question was his own perception and dislike of anything but realistic interpretations of the world. The many geometric forms and the highly saturated color was to him telling a lie with paint. And to my friend’s surprise, I agreed with him. 

Never in an accurate world has there been as deep a violet in the sky or an alternating fog of blue and yellow in Tokyo. But the accurate, exactly-what-we-see color is something I’m not interested in painting. What I do paint is a lie that attempts to reveal the truth. It’s the classic storyteller’s mantra. 

In my paintings, the truth is found in the tiny crannies and alcoves and corners where the geometric color shapes meet. In Neo Tokyo, it’s found in the recess where the figure clasps her bag. In The Night Kings, the right-angle branch in the center hollow shows the truth of both trees. In California Field, it’s revealed in the alcove of the path through the field. So when I paint I’m always looking for small spaces. Because I know that a niche is always where you can find the truth about any subject."

Robyn Spencer-Crompton & Peter Crompton, Sculpture:

Robyn Spencer-Crompton and Peter Crompton are well known as a creative husband and wife team that collaborate on many projects. Peter specializes in the sculptural form and Robyn in mosaic surface design. Together, they have created a garden full of surreal sculptural works. When their family moved to Bennett Valley they started putting parts of stage sets that Peter had designed in their rambling garden. Over the years they have added more sculpture, including mosaics by Robyn.

When planning a project they first brainstorm, which leads to research, then moves on to Peter fabricating the sculptural base. Together they cover the form with fiberglass mesh and concrete with polymer additives. At this point they decide on the surface that speaks best for the piece. If it will be a textured concrete work, Peter takes charge, or if it is to be a mosaic surface, Robyn completes it.

For years they have been interested in world mythologies, and the symbolic possibilities of the human figure. They see myth as a way to combine a sense of formal beauty and metaphorical power. Because their works are often over-life-size, they have a theatrical impact. This is not surprising since Peter also designs stage scenery throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

Currently, they work in concrete. It can be a solid as rock, as liquid as water, and even putty. It can be stained and colored, and it has been used for over 6000 years.

Jane Gardner, Painting & Ceramics:

The birds I come across in my day-to-day life largely inspired my most recent work. I have a passion for recreating the wildlife around me and want to draw awareness to the life inside the trees, as forests are routinely destroyed.

As I begin to water my garden, I am greeted by the blue-green swallows gliding and circling around me. I am excited by these beautiful little creatures and the role they play in the cycle of life. I feel heartbroken each time I see another tree come down in my neighborhood, knowing that with each tree goes another creature’s home. My artwork aims to raise awareness for the life around us that often goes unnoticed, and how each living creature is essential to keeping the balance in the greater ecosystem.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Title                                                                Dates/Reception                        Featured Artist                                

Nest September 23, 2019 Paul Maurer

Aspect November 16, 2019 Laura Carr


Past Exhibitions

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