The Gallery is a  gallery operated by local artists as a Cloverdale Arts Alliance program. A wide variety of original artwork is offered by the resident artists and invited guests. Approximately six changing exhibitions a year feature new art by the gallery artists. To see a virtual tour of the gallery, click here.

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204 N. Cloverdale Boulevard
Cloverdale, CA 95425 
Phone: (707) 894-4410

Friday-Sunday 11am - 5pm
Monday-Thursday Closed




Resident Artists 

Laura Paine Carr

Jane Gardner

Shane Gidcumb

Pamela Heck

Terry Holleman

Sharon Kozel

Paul Maurer

Hanya Popova Parker

Current Guest Artists

Michael Coy

Aaron Poovey




Featured Resident Artist, Terry Hollerman


About the Artists


Aaron Poovey, sculpturer:

I began my first artwork in 1985 by learning garden statuary. I sculpted my own designs in clay and made molds to cast the statuary. I also painted in acrylic paints and oils during the same time period. In 1990, I started stone carving in Alabaster, Basalt, Granite, and Marble. In 1995, I began creating metal welded sculpture in bronze, mild steel and stainless steel. In 2000, I added fused glass to outdoor sculpture. And in 2011, I started cutting cabochons from rough stones making jewelry.

I do what is called direct carving. The process begins by looking at the stone until shape and color of the stone inspire an image in the stone. It is an intuitive process that takes time and patience to develop. All of my sculpture is equally divided between figurative and abstract work.



Michael Coy, painting:

Michael Coy is a painter and illustrator living in Sonoma County California. He spent the first several years of his career doing storyboards, entertainment ideation and advertising work in Los Angeles.

Michael is currently, painting, teaching, and working on various freelance projects while developing original entertainment content and interactive festival projects.


Terry Holleman, drawing and painting:


"Twin Oaks Tavern" is the most recent piece in a series I started about a dozen years ago. The “apparent” subject matter of all the works is various venues where "local" musicians and residents have gathered for an afternoon or evening of vernacular music and dancing. This is a type of "genre art" that has been practiced from pre-historic time and examples can be found in many periods of artistic production world-wide. It shows up as so-called "folk art" as well as in sophisticated court art by well known historic figures. The events pictured or alluded to are universal human activities. They may be ceremonial, celebratory, ritualistic, communal, or some combination thereof. In a sense, I am documenting a particular vernacular subculture. What I mean by "documentation" is the degree of authenticity of a location’s detail, as well as accurate portraiture. Counterpoint to that is that the event pictured – the combination of places, musicians and audience – never happened. I fabricated the event from memories, impressions and photographs. My process, which is complicated and laborious, is a kind of distillation which hopefully concentrates the celebratory, communal, ritualistic aspects.


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