The Gallery is a  gallery operated by local artists as a Cloverdale Arts Alliance program. A wide variety of original artwork is offered by the resident artists and invited guests. Approximately six changing exhibitions a year feature new art by the gallery artists. To see a virtual tour of the gallery, click here.

The Cloverdale Arts Alliance Gallery, located at 204 North Cloverdale Blvd., serves up dessert for the eyes with its latest art exhibition, “Sweet,” from November 18 to January 19. An Artists’ Reception will be held from 5:00 to 7:30pm on Saturday, November 18. Guest artist for this exhibit is Leslie Prindle-Klein, specializing in mixed media and paint. Resident artists include Laura Paine Carr, Jane Gardner, Pamela Heck, Terry Holleman, Sharon Kozel and Hanya Popova Parker. Woodworker Paul Maurer is the featured resident artist for “Sweet.” Resident artists include Jane Gardner, Pamela Heck, Terry Holleman, Sharon Kozel, Paul Maurer and Hanya Popova Parker. 

Contact Us:

204 N. Cloverdale Boulevard
Cloverdale, CA 95425 
Phone: (707) 894-4410

Friday-Sunday 11am - 5pm
Monday-Thursday Closed




Resident Artists 

Laura Paine Carr

Jane Gardner

Pamela Heck

Terry Holleman

John Hundt

Sharon Kozel

Mike Laflin

Paul Maurer

Hanya Popova Parker

Guest Artists

Liza Pike

Carole Watanabe


Featured Resident Artist, Terry Holleman

For more information, visit or call (707) 894-4410.


Artist's Statement, Terry Holleman

"I use simple materials, black conté crayon and white gesso on large panels to create pictures of people having fun with vernacular music. The scenes are fabricated from many photographs of real musicians and audiences so I consider them a semi-documentary and I take considerable measures to ensure the visual accuracy of individuals and locations. 

It is important to me to convey the joy experienced by the participants in these situations. I truly believe that these types of events I portray are therapeutic".

Artist's Statement, Liza Pike

I’ve been making baskets for the last several years, taking workshops from contemporary basketmakers and continuing to learn the craft.  I’m intrigued with sculptural basketry and inspired by the artists who make them. So far I’ve worked with paper, waxed cotton, waxed linen, leather, copper wire, sweet grass, horsehair and cedar. Each basket seems to take on a life of it’s own.


Artist's Statement, Carole Watanabe

Watanabe's past (leading to this romantic present), includes establishing the first nationally recognized Gallery for the Fiber Arts in San Francisco; founding the Apprentice Alliance (a non-profit organization dedicated to placing apprentices with masters in all fields of endeavor); and a life-long commitment to creating supportive communities that nourish the wild art spirit in all of us. Her tapestries, sculptural handmade paper works and paintings hang in private collections, hotels, banks, hospitals and corporate offices across the country. 

Since completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at CCAC in Oakland, she has studied indigenous weaving with Guatemalan natives on the shores of Attitlan, traditional Japanese papermaking in a paper village in Aichi-ken, Japan and in the last 14 years, painting with masters in the magical countryside of southern France. 

Currently, she is living and teaching the concept of "life as an art form" during the winters at her art school in Sebastopol, CA known as Art Heaven, and summers in the French fauvist village of Collioure where she paints and sells her work in her own gallery L'Art Vivant.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Title                                                                Dates/Reception                        Featured Artist                                

Translate                                                       March 16, 2018                            Laura Paine Carr

Initiate                                                            May 18, 2018                               Pamela Heck

Launch                                                           July 20, 2018                                Sharon Kozel

Nurture                                                          September 14, 2018                    Jane Gardner

Render                                                           November 16, 2018                     Hanya Popova Parker


Past Exhibitions

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