Dear Cloverdale Family & Supporters,

This has been a difficult week in Sonoma County. Thanks to the heroic efforts of thousands of firefighters, our families, our homes, and our resilient community are again safe. We are deeply grateful for the thousands of firefighters and first responders during these trying times, and are hopeful that we will all feel a sense of normalcy in the near future.

Due to this profound disruption to our community, the Cloverdale Arts Alliance has made the difficult decision to cancel our upcoming fundraiser on November 9th at The Ranch at Lake Sonoma. Since our venue is weather dependent, we will not reschedule.

The Cloverdale Arts Alliance depends on revenue generated from this fundraiser to bring you not only Friday Night Live but a myriad of programs throughout the year. Programs that help heal and enrich our lives, and that bring us together as a community.

Considering these developments, we are humbly asking you to please consider supporting us as you would have at the fundraiser:

* If you were planning on purchasing a ticket or raising the paddle,

please consider donating that amount to the Arts Alliance.

* If you would have purchased a Buy-In Party, please consider still

doing so (CLICK HERE).

* Also, we will be putting our amazing auction items online soon, so

stay tuned for that.

Thank you for your continued support of the Cloverdale Arts Alliance and our mission to raise our quality of life by promoting the arts in northern Sonoma County.

Without your support, none of this would be possible.


Mark Tharrington Nancy Dalwin

Executive Director President

Friday Night Live

Americana Night


THE Jazz Club

Music Workshop

Art Classes

Discovering Art

Wine Appreciation Workshops