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Friday Night Live: Con Brio

August 14 – Con Brio

Winery Sponsors – White Oak Winery, Preston Vineyards  

Concert Sponsor – Bob Scott & Tim McDonald

 Known for fiery live shows, Con Brio is a living, evolving testament to the power of soul.  Fronted by 21-year-old phenom Ziek McCarter — a charismatic, undeniably gifted showman whose stage presence calls to mind the magnetism of a young Michael Jackson or James Brown — the band’s sound traces a clear lineage from the dirty funk, blues, and psychedelic legacy of Bay Area legends, like Sly and the Family Stone, with a nod toward ‘90s neo-soul trailblazers, like D’Angelo, but with an eye to the future…A drive for experimentation, for pushing high technical ability higher, for reaching beyond the familiar, approaching a deep R&B groove, a hard-rock guitar solo, or the warm peal of a Hammond organ with an ambitious, progressive sensibility.

 All of which is to say, they throw one hell of a dance party!

 Genre:  Soul